May 12th 2017 My pal Nick stopped by the Nerd cave, otherwise known as Game swap on the Danforth here in Toronto. An out of service subway system and poor city traffic conditions didn't keep this up and coming film maker from sitting down and talking to me about his first feature length sci-fi epic “Criteria.”

Like me, Nick has a deep appreciation and love for the modern sci-fi classics, Alien, Blade Runner, The Fifth Element, to name a few. Now its time for him to take that love and create something new. Mark my words, 10 years from now you will see his name on Hollywood’s blockbuster films. That or the Chuds and Mole people will rise up and enslave us all.

You can follow Nick on Instagram @street_geographic

also stay tuned for his Kick starter announcement if you want to help him finance his first feature film.

3 hommies!

From left to right. Maty Mc, Nick Armolavicius and Fareham D.


May 6th 2017 I had the great pleasure of getting to sit down and talk, or rather listen to the hilarious stories and misadventures of the Toronto Power Rangers. If you are unfamiliar with this fine group of guys and gals, they are a cosplay group who has a deep and unrelenting love for the Power Rangers. Clad in screen accurate spandex, foam and fiberglass costume replicas of their favorite ranger, this cosplay group not only entertain con goers year round but they also do great community work for organizations such as Toronto's sick kids.

I could have not been happier having them as my first ever guests here on the Zombie Meat Pod. We will defiantly have them back in the nerd cave very soon!

You can see what Toronto's Power Rangers are up to and contact them on their facebook page