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The zombie meat pod


The Zombie Meat Pod is a podcast for all the nerds and weirdos aimlessly roaming this big blue ball we call Earth. All are welcome, non are shunned, not even the Flat Earthers, crazy though they may be. The language may be salty and the topics strange to the average human but thats how we like it! Each week, I, Maty Mc a life long nerd will download the four eyes thoughts in my brain to your ear balls. On occasions a friend of equal or greater nerd wisdom them I will join us.

New episodes up and available for free download every Thursday.


Welcome to the zombie meat pod!

Once again, I am uploading this podcast late. “MATT! Get you SH!T together.” Anywho are you all doing well on your day to day? Do you love what you do? Or are you just dragging those feet to that cubicle or retail outlet that you are beholden to cause they those checks that barley cover your cost of very basic living? Staring at that clock that seems to tick slower and slower with each passing second, cursing under your breath at each mouth breathing knuckle dragger that walks through the door?

But what I ask are you going to do. Do you have an escape plan? Lets figure it out, you and me together! WE CAN DO THIS SON!!


Whats going on? I finally got a day off, checked out Wonder Women, it was pretty great. E3 happened this past weekend, looks like there is some greatness coming out in the gaming world and the Flat Earthers are at it again. 



Evidently simple scientific fact is just an “alternate fact” for some of the hairless apes on our big blue and green ball known as Earth. Hear me try to make sense of this, 5 beers deep and counting in this weeks podcast.

Today we talk to my pal Nick Armolavicius, an indie film maker you need to keep your eyes on. Nick is currently working on his first feature length sci-fi epic “Criteria.” The next hour is going to be sci-fi heavy folks, so strap in!

My first ever guests, the one, the only TORONTO POWER RANGERS! It was awesome having these guys here, they were a lot of fun to talk to. Now that we have the sound mostly figured out I hope to have them back really soon! CHECK IT OUT!